Project Submissions

If you would like us to consider investing in your project (movies, multimedia, or non-entertainment endeavor), please use our Contact form.

Please include in the request:

(Attached as a PDF or in the form comments section)

  • The name of the project
  • Budget
  • Value of liquid funds committed on the part of the project
  • offering of ROI terms (and understand we may negotiate them)
  • Any significant "attachments" to the project
  • Date you would like to receive funds
  • Date funds need to be available (Project drop-dead start date)
  • Lead decision maker contact info
  • An Executive summary of the project, or at least a written summary of the project and a couple of sentences why it will be worthwhile for us to invest.
  • Lead decision maker means the person who can spend money and sign financial contracts with us. We understand often, initial investors have committed funds but have not released monies to the project yet. We will be more than happy to speak with them to ensure the viability of the offering and investment. Further, we will need to speak with them before finalizing our commitment to the project to ensure all minds are aligned.

Please do not include the following in the initial submission:

(We will ask for later)

  • Full budgets (Top-sheets are ok)
  • Full scripts

we will eventually request a combination of the following documents:

(In no particular order and not necessarily all at once)

  • Proof of funds for your committed capital
  • Returned signed document that we will provide that explains our funding model and process, and your understanding thereof
  • Script
  • Full budget
  • Distribution options
  • ROI potential/estimates
  • Information on the project team