Weathervane Productions & Melody Terrace Entertainment

The award winning Manipura, a dramatic thriller, produced by weathervane productions & melody terrace entertainment moves on to compete against other award winning short films at the 7th Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles (DFFLA). Manipura is the third in a series of seven films and has recently garnered best thriller at the Los Angeles independent film festival.  The film was subsequently nominated for best cinematography and best editing. DFFLA will mark the third time the award winning producing team of Joel Mahr, Jason Van Eman and Kelly Lynn Warren has shown Manipura in Los Angeles.  

The other two films, Muladhara and Swadihistana, together have made debuts in over 15 cities, receiving more than 25 laurels accumulative (and counting) as well as claimed numerous awards. These honors include best LDBT in New York (Swadihistana) and best actress in Los Angeles (Muladhara) in addition to Muladhara being an official selection of the prestigious 2012 Hollywood film festival.