USA RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2017

DIRECTOR: Adam Orton

Los Angeles, CA – August 3, 2017 – The first trans-humanism film to hit the big screen.

TriCoast Entertainment presents the August 8, 2017 release of “AMELIA 2.0”, a futuristic, female suspense film directed by Adam Orton and produced in by MORE Productions and WeatherVane Productions. The film focuses on Carter Summerland’s (Ben Whitehair) intense grief for his wife, Amelia (Angela Billman), who suffered a sudden aneurysm.

When Wesley Enterprises, who specializes in extending human life through robotics approaches Carter about using an experimental program that will place her mind inside a new, artificial body. Overwhelmed with grief and sadness, Carter accepts their offer in hopes of bringing his wife back to life.

Instead of Carter’s life going back to normal, it turns upside down once Amelia wakes up in her new body. 

Now called “The Summerland Project” created by genius, Dr. Ellen Beckett and Paul Wesley (Ed Begley, Jr.) conveys the usage of modern day, existing technological. But, a public debate breaks out when Senator Thaddeus (Chris Ellis) announces his complete opposition to the project.

Based on Rob Merritt’s 2011 play, “The Summerland Project”, AMELIA 2.0 is the very first film to tap into the genre of trans-humanism. The belief that the human race can evolve and push limitations is captivated through the film’s struggle, fascination and advancements with today’s technology.

AMELIA 2.0 is an innovative film that combines romance with sci-fi, as it explores legal, religious and scientific world. Further, it allows Amelia to reflect on herself within her new body. Haunted by her peers’ question to her right to live at all, she begins to question who she was, who she is, and if she is even human at all.

It leaves us all wondering, “What really makes someone human anyway?”

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Chris Ellis – “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Apollo 13”

Debra Wilson – “Avatar”

Ed Begley Jr. – “Ghostbusters”, “Pineapple Express”

Eddie Jemison – “Oceans 11,13”, “War Dogs”

Kate Vernon – “Malcolm X”, “The Last Song”, “Pretty in Pink”

AMELIA 2.0 will be released on various platforms such as AT&T, Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH, FandangoNow, FlixFling, Google, InDemand, iTunes, SlingTV, Sony (Playstation), Vubiquity, Amazon, Vudu and by other distributors including

AMELIA 2.0 (2017, 89 min.) Directed by Adam Orton. Editor: Izaak Levinson-Share. Cinematographer: Camrin Petramale. Original Music: Michael A Levine. US, English. MORE Productions, Weather Vane Productions. TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: MORE Productions, WeatherVane Productions