WeatherVane Productions' "The Tale" set to premiere at Sundance 2018

WeatherVane Productions' "The Tale" set to premiere at Sundance 2018

The Tale (Director and screenwriter: Jennifer Fox, Producers: Oren Moverman, Lawrence Inglee, Laura Rister, Mynette Louie, Sol Bondy, Simone Pero) — An investigation into one woman’s memory as she‘s forced to re-examine her first sexual relationship and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive; based on the filmmaker’s own story. Cast: Laura Dern, Isabel Nelisse, Jason Ritter, Elizabeth Debicki, Ellen Burstyn, Common.



The Sundance Film Festival announced that the US-German co-production, THE TALE, by TRANS ATLANTIC PARTNERS (TAP) alumni Jennifer Fox (USA) and Sol Bondy (Germany), celebrates its world premiere in the US competition at its upcoming edition. THE TALE received early support from TAP in 2013 as a co-production project between Fox’s NY based A Luminous Mind Production and Bondy’s Berlin-based One Two Films. The film was produced with Untitled Entertainment and Blackbird Films, and financed by Gamechanger Films, Artemis Rising Foundation, Fork Films, WeatherVane Productions, and Lynda Weinman in the US; ZDF/ARTE and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany. International Sales are handled by Mongrel International.

WeatherVane Productions Latest Film, "The Sound" Conscientiously Promotes a Female Driven Film With Writer-Director, Producer, and Lead Actor. In Theaters Friday September 29th, 2017

WeatherVane Productions Latest Film, "The Sound" Conscientiously Promotes a Female Driven Film With Writer-Director, Producer, and Lead Actor.  In Theaters Friday September 29th, 2017

A Supernatural thriller, "The Sound" opens this Friday in theaters by MGMs Orion Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Pictures via AMC and others with a simultaneous release on iTunes and all other major video-on-demand platforms. Rose McGowan, stars as Kelly Johansen, a writer and skeptic of the supernatural. As a specialist in acoustic physics she uses low frequency tactile sound-waves to debunk reported paranormal activities for her online blog. When presented with a new case of a supposedly haunted subway station, Kelly sets off to uncover the truth behind the hoax that involves a 40-year-old unexplained suicide. Her investigation takes her deep into the abandoned station where her skepticism is tested. 

Directed, produced and written by Jenna Mattison, the film premieres at a time when the industry continues pushing for more female driven projects both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Mattison does a great job of building the tension and fear throughout the film along with her Canadian team and producer Michele Weisler who executive produced, "The Ring" and "The Ring 2." 

Costars include the ubiquitous Christopher Lloyd, who effectively plays a creepy night serviceman, Richard Gunn, Stephen McHattie, along with Michael Eklund, as Detective Richards. Eklund comments, "The Sound pushed the limits and pulls our imagination out of the darkness we all keep locked away. Collaborating with two talented and inspiring female artists like Jenna and Rose on 'The Sound,' relights the darkness to the clarity of subtlety and detail while pushing us all to look to film and be reminded of magic."

Executive Producers Ben McConley and Jason Van Eman continue their support of various independent features throughout 2017. Van Eman states, "We are very conscientious about supporting women in entertainment, whether it is in TV, Film or global entertainment -focused endeavors, we need to support the narrative that women bring a fresh perspective to a wide bevy of entertainment projects and need the support of the global community from not only the initial financial investment but all the way through the business, creative and consumer process."

WeatheVane Productions, along with Forrest Capital Partners is pleased to see many of its films that have solid female influences being released this year including "A Quiet Passion," "1 Mile To You," "Amelia 2.0," and "Trafficked," staring Ashley Judd, which comes out to theaters October 6th. Van Eman states, "We consistently look to produce high quality projects that bring fresh ideas, diversity and solid business partners. Our films currently in post-production as well as our slate moving forward in early 2018 do exactly that." 

Production wraps in OKC on Chad Michael Murray movie 'Camp Cold Brook'

Production wraps in OKC on Chad Michael Murray movie 'Camp Cold Brook'

Petri Entertainment and Weathervane Productions, in association with the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, have announced the completion of principal photography on the feature film “Camp Cold Brook.”


USA RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2017

DIRECTOR: Adam Orton

Los Angeles, CA – August 3, 2017 – The first trans-humanism film to hit the big screen.

TriCoast Entertainment presents the August 8, 2017 release of “AMELIA 2.0”, a futuristic, female suspense film directed by Adam Orton and produced in by MORE Productions and WeatherVane Productions. The film focuses on Carter Summerland’s (Ben Whitehair) intense grief for his wife, Amelia (Angela Billman), who suffered a sudden aneurysm.

When Wesley Enterprises, who specializes in extending human life through robotics approaches Carter about using an experimental program that will place her mind inside a new, artificial body. Overwhelmed with grief and sadness, Carter accepts their offer in hopes of bringing his wife back to life.

Instead of Carter’s life going back to normal, it turns upside down once Amelia wakes up in her new body. 

Now called “The Summerland Project” created by genius, Dr. Ellen Beckett and Paul Wesley (Ed Begley, Jr.) conveys the usage of modern day, existing technological. But, a public debate breaks out when Senator Thaddeus (Chris Ellis) announces his complete opposition to the project.

Based on Rob Merritt’s 2011 play, “The Summerland Project”, AMELIA 2.0 is the very first film to tap into the genre of trans-humanism. The belief that the human race can evolve and push limitations is captivated through the film’s struggle, fascination and advancements with today’s technology.

AMELIA 2.0 is an innovative film that combines romance with sci-fi, as it explores legal, religious and scientific world. Further, it allows Amelia to reflect on herself within her new body. Haunted by her peers’ question to her right to live at all, she begins to question who she was, who she is, and if she is even human at all.

It leaves us all wondering, “What really makes someone human anyway?”

Trailer Link:

For more information, go to:


Chris Ellis – “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Apollo 13”

Debra Wilson – “Avatar”

Ed Begley Jr. – “Ghostbusters”, “Pineapple Express”

Eddie Jemison – “Oceans 11,13”, “War Dogs”

Kate Vernon – “Malcolm X”, “The Last Song”, “Pretty in Pink”

AMELIA 2.0 will be released on various platforms such as AT&T, Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH, FandangoNow, FlixFling, Google, InDemand, iTunes, SlingTV, Sony (Playstation), Vubiquity, Amazon, Vudu and by other distributors including

AMELIA 2.0 (2017, 89 min.) Directed by Adam Orton. Editor: Izaak Levinson-Share. Cinematographer: Camrin Petramale. Original Music: Michael A Levine. US, English. MORE Productions, Weather Vane Productions. TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: MORE Productions, WeatherVane Productions

WeatherVane Productions, Jason Van Eman and Forrest Capital Partners, Ben McConley Film Finance Business Amicable Resolution Allows New Business Ahead


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- WeatherVane Productions and Forrest Capital Partners are pleased to announce that they have amicably resolved their dispute with Baker Film Fund.

WeatherVane Productions, Jason Van Eman, Forrest Capital Partners, Ben McConley, Baker Film Fund, and Jonathan Baker met earlier this month in Los Angeles. What was at issue was Baker's claim that Forrest Capital and WeatherVane could not complete the funding for Baker Film Fund's pictures in a way that was originally contemplated. The ensuing conversations proved positive to both sides as of late last week and further allowed an open door to future film business.

These types of initial disagreements are commonplace in the ever-growing disruption of independent film finance. Finding new and strategic ways to provide sophisticated investment for independent films has become increasingly challenging.

Reaching an amicable solution in these types of disagreements between producers and investors are becoming more and more commonplace as independent films have a potentially shorter window for financial return with the various VOD and OTT platforms offering another vertical to recoup one's original investment. No one makes a movie hoping to lose money and have a terrible experience. The goal is always to have that distribution plan in place from day one. Stepping on to set the first day of production without a bottom line distribution plan, hoping your film gets picked up is simply not acceptable for today's film investor. And one has to always be mindful of the vanity investment that comes with the territory of independent filmmaking.

It is key to work actively with producers and investors on the same side of the table. It has long been a business of 'their side' and 'our side' in taking a film from script to execution. 

Jonathan Baker's latest film and directorial debut, "Inconceivable," was just released to market and is being well received. WeatherVane Productions Jason Van Eman states, "We are excited to see this well delivered picture get attention in the marketplace and we're talking about future business." Van Eman continues, "Even when we might initially disagree with certain business practices, we have the ability to move beyond those conflicts and rise to meet our individual needs between the producers who want to make their creative vision a reality and independent film financiers like us who require and keep a strategic eye on how (our) money is spent to achieve success."

As WeatherVane Productions and Forrest Capital Partners have moved through the muddy waters of financing films for the past five years with a true second money match investment, it has not come without hiccups from all sides of the production. Van Eman commented, "We started making films because we loved the business and the creative process, which we still believe in. We wanted to offer new filmmakers an opportunity to get their films made with like-minded producers, directors and investors." Van Eman went on to comment, "The experiences of working with prior investors, attorneys and first-time producers that had no real understanding of how the production process or financing worked eventually created a line where we clearly decided to stop working with first time producers and vanity investors.

The majority of producers and investors have to be and should be reminded repeatedly that the film business is just that -- a business.

WeatherVane Productions and Forrest Capital Partners continue to actively support the creative community with selectively financing film, TV and various projects that have the right touch points to the entertainment business.


SOURCE WeatherVane Productions

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Syfy Joe Dante's CAMP COLD BROOK Enlists Chad Michael Murray and Scream Queen Daniella Harris

Syfy Joe Dante's CAMP COLD BROOK Enlists Chad Michael Murray and Scream Queen Daniella Harris

Gremlins director Joe Dante is producing a new horror movie titled Camp Cold Brook, and he’s tapped an SSR agent and a scream queen to star in the film.

According to Deadline, Chad Michael Murray (who played East Coast SSR chief Jack Thompson on Marvel’s Agent Carter) and Danielle Harris (Halloween) will headline the movie, currently in production. The premise for the film is somewhat interesting, if a tad generic, considering Harris has already starred in Camp Dread. Still, it's giving me a lot of Halloween: Resurrection (2002) vibes. So hey, I'll bite. Could be fun.

Chad Michael Murray in Marvel's Agent Carter

Here’s a description of the storyline and the characters played by Murray and Harris:

"Murray stars as reality TV producer and host Jack Wilson, who finds himself in a tough spot when his show is about to be cancelled. In a last ditch effort to spark ratings, he and his producers Angela (Harris) choose to film their next episode at the legendary Camp Cold Brook, which was host to a horrific incident where the young campers were drowned in a nearby creek 20 years ago. Their arrival begins like any other episode but the TV crew find that they get more than they bargained for."

Joining Dante in producing Cold Camp Brook are Warner Davis of Petri Entertainment, Mark Alan of Renfield Productions, and Jason Van Eman and Ross Marroso of Weathervane Productions. Andy Palmer (The Funhouse Massacre) will direct, from a script by Alex Carl (Reeves Road).

There’s no premiere date for the movie yet, but since they’re currently filming, my best guess is that it’ll hit the screens sometime in 2018. What do you think of the premise?


'The Sound' Acquired by Orion & Samuel Goldwyn

'The Sound' Acquired by Orion & Samuel Goldwyn

Orion Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Films have teamed again for their latest acquisition The Sound, the directorial debut of Jenna Mattison. The thriller stars Rose McGowan, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Eklund, Richard Gunn and Jane Moffat.

Written and directed by Mattison, the pic centers on Kelly (McGowan), a writer and a skeptic of the supernatural. As a specialist in acoustic physics she uses low-frequency tactile sound waves to debunk reported paranormal activities for her online blog. When presented a new case of a supposedly haunted subway station, she sets off to uncover the truth behind the hoax that involves a 40-year-old unexplained suicide.

Mattison, Geoff Hart, Allan Ungar, Michele Weisler are producers, and Cody Hackman, Mike
Hattim Louie Maisano, Bruno Marino, Ben McConley, Jason Van Eman, Vincenzo Varallo and
Marino Kulas exec produced.